How to Select the Best eCommerce Platform for your Online Store

One of the most important elements in the process of building an online store is the selection of an eCommerce platform. There are many online business owners who are hiring developers to build stores from scratch, but the truth is that most of the online stores today are using eCommerce platforms. With so many platforms out there, it might be a little bit difficult to select the right one for your business, so how can we finish this process without making a mistake?

First of all, you must think about the nature of products you are going to sell online. Do you have physical products or maybe you are focused on digital products? What is important to mention here is that it is much simpler to make a decision when you are running a business focused on digital products, but the situation is different when you have physical goods in your offer. One of the reasons for this is that things like delivery and shipping are involved.

Next, you should analyze the payment methods you have available. If you take a closer look at the most used eCommerce platforms today, you will notice that many of them don’t allow third party payment processor integration. In other words, you can’t offer payment methods like PayPal and Skrill to your clients. Keep in mind that not having an option like this will make many potential clients look for another store.

Furthermore, you should think about the stock size you have. Your main objective should be getting the best value for every product you sell. In the end, every aspiring online store owner must take the cost into account. Different eCommerce platforms have different pricing plans and that’s why you need to take some time to analyze their offers.

Shopify is a good option for those who want to turn their personal hobby into an online business. Every feature of this platform is simple, yet very effective. WooCommerce is another popular option you have. The greatest advantage is that this platform is completely free. Of course, you can buy some add-ons if you want later.

If you think that you are a more serious player in this market, you can select Magento. This open-source eCommerce platform is more complicated, more expensive, but it has more features too.

There are many other eCommerce platforms on the Internet. Before you select one of them, check the things we have mentioned in this article.

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